Sexual Consent

As noted in the brief About page, my father died while I was homeless. Also while I was homeless, I learned this song with it's unusual and remarkable attitude towards consent and female sexuality wasn't a product of the Hippie Era per se, like I thought it was. No, it was the product of an entirely Native band. Those two details helped start me on the journey leading to trying to write this blog. A previous attempt to write this blog convinced me that the reason my dad dropped his retirement papers and bought a house in Columbus, Georgia the summer I turned three was to protect me. I was molested for about 2.5 years by my older brother from about age 11 to about age 13.5 (and he later made amends to me ). I also have vague memories of "something" happening with my father when I was really little and I used to have nightmares about it. I think Dad came back from Vietnam and held me on his lap and just wanted to forget the war because I was this amazingl


I was born and raised in the Deep South. My birthdate falls in the mid 1960s. I think the last time I looked at online census data, it claimed that the city where I grew up was like 49.5 percent White and 49.5 percent Black and 1 percent other stuff, though I don't think that's really accurate. The South has a bad habit of framing things in stark contrasts and growing up I didn't know that 70 percent of "African American" blood came from European ancestors. (That figure is also from memory and not fact checked for accuracy.) For the convenience of White slave owners in the habit of raping their slaves, the mixed-race offspring were deemed to be "Black" even if they were 7/8ths White. This meant the offspring of slaves were more slaves, not more sons and daughters with rights and needs that daddy needed to worry about. It was both racist and misogynistic. She couldn't say "no" and he got off scott free. Her offspring were her burden t


One of my favorite history professors talked about traveling to Egypt and wanting to see the famous Nilometer which ancient Egyptians used to predict the end of the rising flood waters every year. She was stunned to learn this esteemed, famous and very important artifact was a stick in the mud with markings on it to show water level. Though there are other variations than the one she saw, this is sort of the norm for things that are highly esteemed. They have been around a long time and are often remnants of a simpler time when tech was more elegant and less like the Rube Goldberg machines modern peoples imagine are the norm for important technology. On Twitter, I sometimes see Natives say "Natives are modern peoples." There are tribal cultures that still live in huts and hunt with bow and arrow but for most tribal cultures those things are probably largely a thing of the past. So why does this misperception of Natives persist such that some people feel compelled to r

Curation of Culture and History

I am writing this on July 7, 2021. Just three days ago I learned that a lot of Native Americans get harassed on and around the Fourth of July holiday. I have been unwell recently, in part because I react badly to the smoke from fireworks and fireworks tend to go on for several days ahead of the holiday, and being unwell has had me in a really bad mood. And I spent some time reading tweets by Natives while under the weather and not up to really accomplishing much of anything. A lot of those tweets were angry and focused on the oppression of Natives and the genocide of Natives and the erasure of Native culture. Afterwards, I felt like Leeloo in The Fifth Element after she read the encyclopedia and learned of war and many terrible things and couldn't see any point in trying to save the planet earth. The anger of the Native community is legitimate. I'm not interested in suggesting otherwise or in anyway being dismissive of the Native community. As stated elswhere, I am writin


It's about 1:30am so the date stamp on this post will be July 5th, 2021, but this is for me "late night on July Fourth." This post is about Independence Day. I already am not thrilled with the Fourth of July holiday because people do fireworks for days ahead of time and I'm allergic to sulfur. So the fireworks literally make me sick. That's not "an expression." They negatively impact my physical health. Today, I saw someone say somewhere that Natives get harassed on this day. And then I saw this on Reddit: I'm physically ill at the moment from the fireworks. I don't really want to ramble a whole lot about my unsorted feelings or whatever. I just wanted to make a brief note for now.

Conflict Avoidance

I tend to be a conflict avoider. I mean, like, I'm pretty extreme about that and if there is a way to walk away from a conflict, I will do that, often even if that's a pretty big detour for me, so to speak. Sometimes that's not possible and if I judge that to not be possible, I will take the bull by the horns. My desire to avoid conflict seems to go largely unnoticed. What gets noticed is that I'm not going to take your shit and I am fairly good at telling when someone is just an asshole and not going to let me walk away because assholes gonna asshole. And I didn't immediately realize this trait may have something to do with the fact that -- according to oral tradition of the family -- my father was part Cherokee. My mother is German and she is a big conflict avoider. There are some funny family stories about how she would just refuse to discuss some things with people. So I just thought I learned this from my mother or "got" this from my mother. Bu

Blood Quantum

Natives generally seem to hate the concept of blood quantum. I have heard it is a construct imposed on Natives by the White government and it's a fundamentally hostile policy. Someone once said something about how blood quantum treats Natives like dogs, basically -- like you can breed it out of them. And I thought that was insightful. A Native lawyer on twitter has talked some about sovereignty and that's helped me understand a few things. We treat Natives like "You are only Native if you have enough bloodline from a particular breed" but we treat Germans or Americans or Brits like "You are fully that nationality because you are a citizen of that nation." We act like you can be part Native but you aren't viewed as part German or whatever in the same way. If you say you are part German, you mean ethnically and not citizenship-wise, the way I am part German because my mother is a German immigrant to the US but if I were a German citizen I would